Guitarist's Corner - My Gear

Guitarist’s Corner – My Gear

This is a list of the gear that I currently own.


  • Bob Hartman Jekyll & Hyde Custom- mahogany body with flame maple top, Dimarzio Air Classic front pickup & Air Zone rear pickup, Schaller Floyd Rose, trapezoid inlays
  • Bob Hartman Petra 33
  • Carvin DC 200 with Koa wood, neck through, gold hardware, Schaller locking tuners, Wilkinson tremolo, custom toggle switches, & active electronics, .10- .46 strings
  • Custom Carvin Kit Guitar – Swamp Ash body, Bird’s Eye maple neck, humbucker in the bridge, mini humbuckers in the middle and neck positions, Schaller locking tuners, Wilkinson tremolo, .10- .46 strings
  • Custom Kit Guitar – one volume knob, one humbucker, original Floyd Rose tremolo, .10- .46 strings
  • Custom Kramer with a Seymour Duncan George Lynch Screamin’ Demon in the bridge. I’m unsure what the middle & neck pickups are. It has an original Floyd Rose tremolo & custom phase & coil tap switches, .10- .46 strings
  • 1971 Gibson Les Paul with custom phase & coil tap switches, gold hardware, .10- .46 strings
  • Harmony Stella 941 Acoustic Flattop
  • Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special with Floyd Rose tremolo & D-Tune knob to drop the low E to D, unfinished neck, .10-.46 strings
  • Peavey Predator with a Kent Armstrong mini humbucker in the neck & Seymour Duncans for the middle & bridge pickups (not sure what models), Fender tuning keys, .11- .52 strings
  • Supergirl Custom
  • Yamaha RGX-TT Ty Tabor Signature

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